Give 100 women the right to define themselves and change the country!

The reImagining is a photographic instillation of 300 images composed to express the tension between the images created for Black women and the images created by Black women for themselves. The exhibition will be composed around 100 Black women responding to three questions: Who are you? Who are you, really? How do you want the world to see you?

The goal of the reImagining is simple: to create the positive images of Black women that are severely lacking in current media. I want to use this exhibit as a teaching moment to show the latest generation of Black women that they can create and control their own self-image. Each woman’s response to the identity questions is translated into three images representing how she believes the world perceives her, how she chooses to perceive herself, and how she wants the world to see her. To this end, during both the production and exhibition stages, community groups serving the at risk population of young Black women in New York City will be invited for studio and exhibition tours. The future creation of the exhibition catalog and dedicated website will work to take this discussion to a national and international level to create long lasting solutions.

1. 100 Black women standing together to create positive images of Black women!

2. Out reach to young "at risk" girls to find the self-esteem needed to create brighter futures.

3. Create an exhibition catalog for national distribution.

4. Create a website to open the discussion to the world!

5. Go to idistudios.com for more information!