Join clean Green vadodara movement today

use dustbins always raise alarm when some one throws wastes on public places!

Tree Plantation all over Gujarat this Independence day

Friends Happy Independence day.I am sure You all win join tree plantation drive any where you are in Gujarat as Government has made all arrangements in many places..many NGOs are arranging it too.If NOT YOU are the candle ,light yourself and make things…Read More

plastic paradox in himalayas

Eco Pollution -Polythelene Paradox in the hills ACT NOW For sake of our next generations.. Polythelene Paradox in the hills-dev bhoomi Esp. Kedarnath.& its Solution. I take liberty to point out to you what is already known to you. I recently visited…Read More

I will use dustbins/bags and manage my own wastes and Teach my children/friends to do so

I citizen of this world and of,am Proud of it .The first step to Value it will be that I will never ever Litter plastics /wastes around the area I live,will never ever pollute environment ,will manage…Read More

What would we all do if Cleaning friends strike work?

We in India are too much dependent on others to do cleaning work.All great leaders like Gandhi ji too propagated self dependency self action cleaning own toilets and area around like what they did in all ashramas .All Religions stress importance of…Read More
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