Peter Garrett Media Release sent by Liz Dunoon from the Australian Dyslexia Trust

Dear everyone, I received this media release today (below) from a media adviser to a Federal MP in NSW Australia. She has a child with dyslexia and is currently reading my book. It is imperative that 'dyslexia' is addressed as part of the upcoming…Read More

Federal Election Community Meetings

Many electorates are offering either individual street corner meetings with candidates or if you are lucky formal meetings such as this one. I received this email today from Andrew Southcott. On Wednesday 18 August a Meet the Candidates forum for the…Read More

(no subject)

The Labor Party yesterday announced funding grants for early intervention for children with disabilities. Autism spectrum disorders already received funding and now Down syndrome, visual and hearing impairment, fragile X and cerebral palsy are…Read More

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