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Have they taken your children? Have they taken your Land?
Your Home? Your Liberty? Protect Your Sovereignty by Understanding the "System" A Process for the People to Access the Courts

"Did you know there is no such thing as “Constitutional Rights”? The Constitution does not give you any rights. Your Rights are given to you by God, your Birthright, your Inheritance, Sovereign, and cannot be restricted or taken from you."

Highlighting the issue of Government funded Human Trafficking.
“Never walk away from what you’re most passionate about in life because nothing is ever a lost cause when you believe in it. Remember, even when you feel that your back is up against the ropes and you want to throw the towel in, there’s still always one more fight left in you and there’s still always something left worth fighting for and holding onto. Because when you find that something in life that is worth fighting for, you don’t give up on it but you fight that much harder for it. Better to take a chance then look back and regret not having taken that chance to make things happen for it’s those risks and chances we take that take us to places far beyond our imagination.”

A child should not be taken into care, because one witness said she saw the 10 year old child was seen running up and down the street naked, and this one witness along with her then boyfriend had been attacking Minor G and her mother for a long time, periodically. UK FAMILY COURT JUDGES VIOLATE AND DENY HUMAN RIGHTS OF CHILDREN - This really does happen in our country, for this very reason there is a clear need to increase transparency in the family courts, putting the views of children centre stage. Not ignoring the child, because this is not what one wants to hear. Litigation VS Public Law The more serious the allegation, the greater the importance of ensuring that the accused parent(s) is afforded fair and proper procedural safeguards in civil and criminal matters. There is no public interest in a wrong result. This must include 'Private and Public' Law cases. "Help and support for fathers and mothers that have been a victim of this unscrupulous behaviour, and to help raise awareness of blatant disregard of family law that is supposed to protect women and children." "We campaign for the rights of parents and many are trying to get the secret family courts opened up for public scrutiny." Unfortunately it is the corrupt social workers who get all the lime light.. We need to remember that there are indeed good social workers out there fighting to stop innocent children from losing love parents. ENGLISH LAW FAMILY COURT SYSTEM - Advocating for 'Transparency in the Family Courts'. Children Act 1989 - Overview of the stolenlives of our children. 1. To highlight the corruption in social services 2. To protect innocent children from losing loving parents 3. To promote awareness & support 4. To promote Godwell's Law Follow http://towardchange.wordpress.com/about/