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It's Time to Donate and Vote for the Kids

Hey everyone,

Thank you for all of your support over the past week as we've competed to win $50,000 for the children of Villa Soleada.  We're doing well, but we're still in 38th place overall.

There are exactly 2,583 of you.  If every person donates just ONCE (and only once), we would shoot ahead to first place overall as well as win $1000 in one day EXTRA for being the largest one-day winners.

One donation of $10 = One vote.  Just think--your $10 gets turned into $100 if we win $50,000.  Isn't that amazing? (

Will you donate just once?  Please, for the kids of Villa Soleada?

Your help is truly needed right now.  Please take the next 5 minutes to click on this link and make a donation of $10.  That's all we need.  If you feel compelled to help more, please recruit others to vote.  We must win this contest for the people of Villa Soleada, for the children of El Progreso, and for the citizens of Honduras.  We cannot fail them now.

Please click here to make your donation now: (

Thank you,

Students Helping Honduras

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