Today i started the first treatment on Ipilimumab. Went into the Royal Adelaide Hospital at 11am. Went through my scans which because of no systemic treatment except Whole Brain Radiation showed progression of disease in some areas. This drug still in testing…Read More

mums with melanoma

http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww..melanomapatients.org%2F&h=e156b This is a site the manager of Melanoma Patients Australia stumbled on. Has lots of good information and sharing of stories. Worth a look

Donations needed to help start up costs of new support group in Adelaide

i have been told by the Melanoma Patients Australia that we need $3000 AUD to get the fund up and running. We have over $600 already thanks to all my wonderful friends and family. If every member donated just a small amount each we would quickly reach the…Read More

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that is showing support by becoming a member. Please start sharing your stories if you have directly or indirectly been touched by Melanoma. I have not included all the emotional rollercoaster this journey has been for me as having a…Read More

Part of Cindy's Story

I just typed out my story what a mouthful and it disappeared into cyberspace. here goes again. I was originally diagnosed with a melanoma on my left neck at age 23 ish. given a wide incission and thought wld be ok. had regular check ups for five years then…Read More

Melanoma Discussion Board

i have started up the discussion board folks for anyone to share or discuss their experiences with this dreadful disease. I welcome any new topics and maybe we can support each other on line at least.

Thank You

I am so excited that so many people are joining internationally. Thank you to those that are joining and recruiting and donating. I am playing catch up and will start posting information and resources etc when I can. Keep going this is fantastic. Lets hear…Read More
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