Your Prayers Desired

Hello Everyone, Firstly let me express our appreciation for y'alls participation with the fund raiser at Chic_fil_A recently. Just a touch over $160 was raised. Secondly, please keep Katlyn in your thoughts and prayers this coming Tuesday. One of her feet…Read More

No Kows Allowed

Firstly let me express my gratitude to all who supported the Krusade last week at the Pizza Inn event. $211 was raised ! Secondly may I please ask for your support at the Chic-fil-A night-tonight Oct.19. 10% of proceeds, from 3pm until 9pm will be donated to…Read More

Krusade Knight at the Pizza Inn

For all those living close to Henderson I wanted to make sure you were aware that today 10-11 Pizza Inn of Henderson will be donating 10% of sales to the Krusade. One little detail, the flier must be presented at the time the tab is paid. So if you love good…Read More

Thank You

Hello Members, Please let me take this opportunity to thank you all for joining THE CAUSE ! Please continue to spread the message. All of your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated. ...and don't forget the other web…Read More

Web Site

Hello Everyone, Admittedly, it's "poor excuse" for a web site, but Katlyn's Krusade is up and running. Evidently a link can't be added here so you can copy and paste if you'd like to visit. As I said, just a beginning, try to do better in the future (took me…Read More
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