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Attention: Members OF "Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos"

Thank you all first and for most for joining this cause. I have provided my other journal "Blurty" link for your convenience. On it you will see why I write in passion about my concerns and also doing my part in trying to recruit reasonable brothers, sisters, and others from all the social networks that I am on to join my online groups so that they can interact with me directly and also with my supporters from all over the country. I am on 300 different social networks so I am unable to go through each social site all the time that's why I've created a web journal and I use it to send out my weekly bulletins. I also include all my book links and my online groups for new comers to join. I also provide free online resources to those who have accepted my hand of friendship in the area of grants/ scholarships for college, business and government grants; housing information; employment on a local and national level; healthcare information; legal services. I have twenty five web journals and fifty sub web journals.

This is not a popularity game for me that's why I screen everyone before I allow them to join my groups. I require interaction among my members with me and with other group members. I've been doing this since nineteen ninety one. I have written a book called "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America" as a way to make a positive contribution back to my community and my people. Currently I don't have any one in my city "Chicago" that is willing to do a partnership with me. I believe that well established social organization are to caught up in competition and just want to be in the spot light. While innocent men women and children are being victims of gun violence on a daily basis. I am reaching out beyond Chicago to have people from all over come here to Chicago and assist me in making my vision of bring stability to the hood a reality. To learn more about my vision, my book links, or my grass roots organization just read all of my journal entries on Blurty. Peace and blessings.

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