Sorry people, looks like I was wrong and the mosque is still a go.....We need to make a big change come November...

Thank You All !!!!!!

Thank you looks like they are going to look for another location in New York City to build the mosque...our cause helped cause that...and ALL OF YOU ... THANK EVERY ONE OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul

All Bikers...Lets Ride

All Right Wing Bikers....Lets ride for Freedom and Liberty on Saturday September 11 in protest of sharial law in OUR country and the rejection of the muslim mosque in New York City. Just mater where you are in America, just ride at 8:46 AM...when…Read More

Thank You!!

Thank you all for joining the cause to stop the building of a Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero. We are at 177 members and hope to get to 177,000..... We need to continue to promote this cause as much as possible .... and NOT let this happen. Thanks again, Paul

Here is where we are headed..."Crucial landmarks panel vote clears the way for ground zero mosque"

The Islamic center near Ground Zero is a go. The Landmarks Preservation Commission cleared the way for the controversial project Tuesday by voting unanimously against protecting the 152-year-old building that was standing in the way. Board members by a 9-0…Read More
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