Slow groth of this important cause.

You need to get real here, I am an old man with little knowledge of facebook and none of twitter. You are all younger and more knowledgeable than I and yet you have allowed me to gain almost half of all the members of this cause. This is an important cause…Read More

A Canadian tells you how much you need to enlist your friends in this worthy cause

"This is a cause that knows no borders. Things that happen anywhere in the world in relation to knife rights are of concern to all nations. Just ask somebody who ships worldwide. I urge all Americans to get involved. I am a Canadian and would like to see an…Read More

How fast can we grow

In less than a week we will reach our first 100 members. We have less than 15 members recruiting. We need EVERY member to recruit all of their friends that they can!

How fast can a cause grow

In one day we have gained 31 members and have 5 members who are already getting others to join us. This is good, I hope that in the next 2 days we will have at least 20 of you bringing in your friends. You can send out invitations to 75 of your friends each…Read More

Keep Knives In American Lives

People like Cyres Vance Jr the Manhatten DA want to take away your right to buy and carry folding knives. To defeat people like this you must organize. Go to and become a grassroot member and donate what you can, it costs to fight them. and it is…Read More
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