Acorn Art Galleries Charity Biography

ACORN ART GALLERIES BIOGRAPHY Acorn Art Galleries Ltd as a social concept was conceived over thirty years ago. Through the eyes of a child. Acorn Art Galleries Ltd was conceived from a seed of observation of the treatment that disabled, disadvantaged and…Read More

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This is an opportunity for you to become a member of a truly wonderful cause, AND, have the possibility of connecting with the charity and with other members for a mutually beneficial relationship in business growth. Best wishes, Harriet

Every little helps!

If anyone knows of any funding streams (Grants, Philanthropy, Trust Families) that would be beneficial to our little charity, do please let me know. In addition to this, we would be most happy for you to recommend Acorn Art Galleries to individuals or…Read More

Executive connections

We welcome decision makers from British Commonwealth backgrounds to participate with Acorn Art Galleries. We welcome Europeans with connections to the British Commonwealth, Africa, Asia, the Orient and the Middle East to associate with Acorn Art…Read More

Becoming an Acorn Fellow

If you, or, someone that you know is interested in becoming an Acorn Fellow, then please take a look at our 'Becoming a Fellow at Acorn Art Galleries' brochure: It will inform you…Read More

Mutually beneficial collaborations with various industry sectors

To find out how your company can assist Acorn through mutually beneficial collaborations, please take a look at the Acorn Art Galleries Ltd 2010 prospectus: There is a list of industry sectors that we…Read More

Connections to help Secondary beneficiaries - The Elderly + Disadvantaged Adults

Looking to connect with innovative individuals and ideas, to prove beneficial to the Secondary beneficiaries that the charity, Acorn Art Galleries, assists. Secondary beneficiaries: (1) Disabled Adults who are artists, or, have a strong inclination for…Read More
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