#SoniaGandhi @PMOIndia: Sack #Kurien! Don't Trash #India's #Rape Law!

We must voice our disgust globally to stop rape for ALL women. http://www.causes.com/actions/1731388-pmoindia-sack-kurien-immediately-save-indias-anti-rape-law

Apology ♥

I must apologise for my extended absence. I have had many serious battles to overcome and just when I think I have beaten one, another comes. They have all been too serious to ignore. I have just come out of 4 days in the ER and I will be doing my best to do…Read More


Hi everyone, It saddens me to inform you that Amazon is selling a book entitled " THE PEDOPHILE'S GUIDE TO LOVE AND PLEASURE" We here at The HSF are stunned that this would be allowed to be sold by Amazon. On Amazon's site there have been many complaints,…Read More

Ask Russia to Stand Against Rape

http://www.avaaz.org/en/russia_rape_trade_putin_6/?cl=700056724&v=6945 The Heart and Soul Foundation is being created to help women of Australia, as I do not wish them to go through what I have. I am happy to tell my story to anyone who wants to know.…Read More


To Our Very Special Supporters, I just wanted to let you all know that until I can get 2 more legalities finalized and make this charity official, i cannot receive donations. As soon as this is possible, I will let you know. As soon as it happens I can't…Read More
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