SB1495 to create volunteer force, finally heading to vote.

Members of this cause, Thank you for sticking with this concept for nearly a year. My efforts to start a voluntary force to observe the border is gaining steam. Senator Sylvia Allen has been championing the effort from the State Senate and her bill Senate…Read More

The Arizona State Guard bill will receive a hearing in House Appropriations.

Formerly the bill to create the Homeland Security Force, House Bill 2070 now is the Arizona State Guard bill. HB2070 will receive a hearing in House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. In House Military Affairs and Public Safety, I adopted an amendment to…Read More

Arizona House Committee to advance the "Homeland Security Force" concept.

On Monday, February 14th, the Chairman of the Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee in the Arizona House of Representatives, will reportedly amend his Wednesday agenda to include the Homeland Security Force bill HB2070. The notice should include that a…Read More

The bill to create the Homeland Security Force needs your action!

This bill is the first step to using trained volunteers to augment the National Guard and secure the Arizona/Mexico Border. It has been assigned to two committees, Appropriations Committee and Military Affairs & Public Safety. Please take a moment to…Read More

Homeland Security Force bill has been introduced.

Supports of creating a Homeland Security Force, The creation of the all-volunteer force is making its way through the legislative process. HB2070 is yet to be assigned to a committee, but the House should catch up on bill assignments next week. Read up on…Read More
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