Artists Unite to Create Peace through our presence in the media and our ability to reach the masses! Our world needs peace rolemodels. Love, Kindness, Compassion
& Unity have been lost for a while, but it's time to return to our soul. Music, Poetry, Art, Dance or whatever your passion is, you don't have to be an artist of any kind to rally for peace.
Everyone can have a voice and be heard through this cause. The only way to world peace is by enough people standing up to be counted, just like the PEOPLE did for Vietnam.

Together in Solidarity we are strong.There is no reason good enough to kill innocent people. No piece of land too valuable ... land is plentiful for everyone to enjoy, no religion too powerful.... to overthrow the humble.

The Divine Creator ...Your God ... of which you may call him/her, is the Embodiment of Peace and Love, Not for Power, NO EXCUSES!

It sickens humanity to think a selection of our future generation of youth .. are being trained to kill or suicide bomb.

A tear in the eye of The Divine for every gun that is held by a child. Until now, people in countries of dictatorship have not been allowed to hear the TRUTH, but with timeliness we are slowly infiltrating those barriers.

We have many, many members from the Middle East and other war torn countries and they are spreading the word, to give them hope that one day, they may have a freedom of a democratic society in their own Nations.

Our aim is to have the U.N send in a spiritual negotiator to the Middle East. This is, after all a war about belief systems and MUST be handled very delicately and with respect for their beliefs. A religious tolerance if you may :)

It is so important to remember that not all Muslims are terrorists as each country holds it's own belief system, their individual moral values. So Please, please remember to make this distinction. Use your humanitarian and compassionate decisions to ignore what a majority may vote.

We started this cause after receiving an emotional email from one of our members, about the horror they have witnessed in Iraq, the terror they experience every day, and as we all lay down to a peaceful sleep each night, they lay down in fear, not knowing if they will awake.

I made this young man a promise that I would do something...anything, to assist him.
This is not just a cause for causes sake. It's a very serious decision about DOING, not just saying.

If you are not prepared to Walk the Walk, join someone elses cause where u can just sit back and do nothing.

A parting message for the wise: For evil to succeed, good men must do nothing.
~ Peace and Love, Kaz, Geoff and Tracey from Novakayn ~

1. Supporting peace through humanitarian and peaceful measures

2. Whatever youare passionate about,is your gift, share your path in Unity

3. Together Making a Peaceful Difference