Agriculture Crisis

Farmers all over Australia are suffering due to imports, we should be looking for quality food and where it is grown. The Government could help by introducing "the Closer Settlement"deals for young farmers of the future. Instead of the Govt giving money to countries in need send them dehydrated food, this will help the farmers from all over Australia and help supply countries food when they are short of food when in a crisis situation. Tasmania and in particular Circular Head and the North West Coast offers good soil, rainfall and quality food, we need to promote what we can offer the rest of the world in quality food. WE need industry.

1. Get the Governemnent to introduce the "Closer Settlement" deal for our next generation of farmers.

2. Produce dehdrayted food for "Foreign Aid"and this will use all wasted food for countries in crisis instead of money hand outs.

3. Farmer's are our foundation and all other benifits roll on to towns & cities all over Australia