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Smokers ignore dying child's plea ,,, please don’t smoke under my hospital window.

Last week, the Sunday Mail watched as visitors blatantly ignored the dying child's request outside the Schiehallion children's cancer unit.

Valerie Simpson, founder of Edinburgh-based Children with Cancer and Leukaemia, Advice and Support for Parents, said: "I struggle to understand how inconsiderate some people can be. They should be ashamed of themselves."

when I went to pick up Isabelle my new granddaughter with her sisters' Chloe,4 &Sophia 2, from Monash Medical Centre we had to walk pass over 50 smokers ,,,all smoking where signs state NO SMOKING, i asked can't any of you read, and one said , no we are all illiterate,,,
MY sister wanted no child or adult put at risk of running the guantlet, pass smokers to enter or leave a hospital...

Please help all smokers you know, understand,, that WHERE YOU SMOKE MATTERS,,don't put a child or adult at risk to get your fix,,,

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