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50 yrs ago your impact was felt, TELL ALL, Sue made a difference so can you

Born with cf, April 15th, 1962,, Sue was not suppose to live till July 18th 1962,, Sue lived and made the world know a girl with cf from Australia can make a difference and she did this for 38 years, in her life she accomplished more than most in a longer span, spending time with those she loved was always important ,
But most of all was protecting those who didn't have her strength to protect themselves.
Sue worked tirelessly to make people aware of the danger of passive smoke, and her legacy to protect lives, lives on, in four simple words,, WHERE PEOPLE SMOKE MATTERS,
Please take 50 secs and tell 12 friends, 1 for each year since this campaign was launched at Sue's funeral. if 2 join that will be one for each year this campaign has been on Facebook.
Remember the more that know , the more that can be protected.
If you have anything from around the world that should be added, please do, or let Susan, Zach or I know so we can.
I was proud of my sister, Sue, and I am proud of you, and thank you for your help. Much appreciated..

Jane Meeuwissen

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