Finding means to provide, emotional, financial and medical support for caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients

Join forces to find community services and financial help for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. Caregivers often sacrifice their health, their personal lives, their careers and financial means to care for Alzheimer's patients. it is not uncommon for the caregiver of an Alzheimer's patient to become more physically, emotionally and financially challenged than the AD patient. Churches, community organizations and corporations need to do their part and help the caregiver survive. Volunteers to sit with the patient and offer respite time, donations of money to help pay bills, buy gas or groceries and other means are needed to help the caregiver survive. PLEASE SHOW YOU CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER. Alzheimer's Hope is all about Hope for the Caregiver.

1. Volunteers are needed to offer respite time for caregivers.

2. Community services need to pull together to offer emotional, medical and financial support for caregivers.

3. A healthier, happier caregiver results in healthier surrounding for the Alzheimer's patient.

4. Encourage your church, workplace or community to join forces and create funds and provide volunteers to help the caregivers to help themselves.

5. Listen to the caregiver and lend a helping hand; run an errand; sit with the patient; pay a bill; BE THERE for the caregiver.