Lets help NumbersUSA while we continue to grow our own membership numbers.

Dear LACASCS Member, I am forwarding this letter to you as a co-administrator of LACASCS and a member of NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that relies on donations to continue its work to help Americans change immigration…Read More

Another Membership Milestone!

I am both humbled and gratified with our membership numbers. I just received notification that LACASCS has reached 1,000 members. By the time I managed to click on and open our page, the number had jumped to 1,003. Wow! Thank you all so very much and please…Read More

Don't feel bad about Arizona's SB1070

While Judge Susan Bolton watered down the Arizona SB1070 law, it is far from dead. Most of it still goes into effect at midnight tonight. Contrary to popular opinion, the “controversial” previsions struck down by Judge Bolton really won’t have much impact on…Read More

A Call To Action!

While our numbers continue to grow and we move toward that day when we can take legal action against the sanctuary cities and states, there is something we can all do right now, in the name of our just cause. About a week ago, I posted a link to a list of…Read More

About Obama's pick for immigration enforcement in sanctuary cities

First I want to thank each of you for joining and supporting LACASCS. With each new member you recruit, our voice grows stronger and louder. I look forward to that day when our numbers are such as to attract those who can help us initiate legal action against…Read More
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