Trying to save all the people who didn't commit 3 viloent crimes and who never commited a sex offense from being kept in prison their whole life!

I am trying to start to a movement to reform the 3 strikes law. Yes some of the people it would help may have committed a violent crime but only those who also have a history of drug abuse! It would NOT allow sex offenders to walk free EVER! It would help people who are being forced to spend the rest of their lives behind bars when they could be rehabilitated! It is a waste of human life. It is a waste of tax dollars and it affects many more people then you could ever imagine! We need to work together to change things and for me change starts right here and right now! Please join this cause to fight against a law that is being misused!

1. Our prison system is failing it does not rehablitate or correct anyone's behavior it only makes things worse!

2. Many people already have lost loved ones to this 3 strike law that was supposed to only keep sex offenders off the streets but is being used wrongly!

3. California is in a huge budget crisis and yet they are using tons of taxpayer $ to keep people who don't deserve to be locked up in Prison!

4. These people many of whom are drug addicts could and should be rehabilitated and become productive useful members of society!

5. Keeping these people in prison is a waste of not only our money but a human life and it is wrong on so many levels!