To support the victims and their families of attack on SWU members

Dear SWU members, allies, and friends,

It is with sadness that I reach out to the friends and allies of Southwest Workers Union to invite acts of solidarity, remembrance and prayers. During the early hours of Sunday morning, the Solidarity House on SWU’s complex in San Antonio's near Eastside, where workers and volunteers were staying during the summer campaign, was attcked by a violent drive-by shooting that left one young college intern in critical condition. The intern was working this summer on the Roots of Change community garden, is in critical but stable condition with a bullet wound to his pelvis. Fortunately the seven other folks in the home are safe.

We call on the Eastside, the City and local and national organizations to join together to condemn this act and work towards the creation of safe, healthy communities. We ask for support for the victims and their families and movement towards a unified effort to eliminate the root causes that breed violence and poverty in our neighborhoods. We need safe streets and safe peaceful spaces for people and organizations working towards social justice and cannot allow such ruthless acts to go unnoticed. We will continue to raise our voices against all manifestations of hatred and for real justice in our communities.

Join us in solidarity and prayers for the shooting victims and to demonstration support for peaceful communities across San Antonio and the world.

1. Peace

2. Justice

3. Safe, Healthy Communities