Cause name change

I just want to explain why I had to change the name of the cause. I am sure everyone who joined understands the mission but I recieved complaints, questions and even quite aggressive hunting debates on FB. I think people are missing the point. It is about…Read More

How will this help?

OK, so I had this question; How will banning the hunt help? It will protect them by keeping their numbers up as high as possible. We know for sure that thousands are going to die from the oil spill effects but at least if we ban the hunt their numbers may be…Read More

Thank You for Caring and for Joining!

To Everyone who has joined the cause a huge Thank you!! No one is speaking out to save these birds from the hunt this year and the Canadian Government know full well they are headed for their doom when they fly south into the oil spill. It is only a few weeks…Read More

Protect Migratory Birds at home before they fly South into Oil spill disaster!

Considering the Oil spill down south would it not be wise to Ban hunting Migratory Birds this year? We know for certain that our beloved Canada geese are flying to their doom this year when they migrate south, so please let us keep them safe at home!
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