We look forward to coming up with a Christian site to focus on Christian issues.

The word of God is a strong tower and whoever clings to it shall not fall.Gospel 411 is a Christian evangelism organization that has invested in the service of giving hope and spreading the gospel over the internet on major sites such as facebook, twitter and blogger.

Our dream is to set up a rich website that will go a long way in inspiring more people and offering a chance for Christian counseling, Christian relationships and a forum where Christians can create profiles and share the gospel.Kindly donate to our cause with any amount that will help in the creation of our website and equipping us with other relevant machines to keep the Gospel 411 ministry abreast.Contact the administrator by sending mail to [email protected]

Drum up support for this worthy cause by inviting friends and helping us raise the funds needed in the project.For a more in-depth talk don't hesitate to call the administrator on +254728816354 Kenya.In God we trust.

Robert Wakhu

1. Gospel 411 aims to come up with a site where all Christians can debate freely in God's love.

2. We look forward to coming up with a counseling, relationships and more interaction all from a Christian perspective.

3. Gospel 411 is an organization that has interest in online evangelism.Kindly donate towards our website creation.