Finally some attention from appropriate NHS body

I have written up what happened to us at the London spinal injuries centre located in Stanmore Middlesex. At last a more positive experience and we now feel we may be on the road to giving back TDB his life. http:\ Next stage a…Read More

Over 60 people have joined our cause because they care ...

Yes indeed, over sixty of you really care about our cause called the, "Support Campaign to get the NHS to do it's job." Thank you for your help and support and for those of you who have recruited others to the Cause ... It is very much appreciated, however…Read More

What wrong with UK after care in Spinal Injuries

The UK has a network of specialist centres that deal with the initial trauma stage of a spinal injury these specialist centres are on the whole great for that stage of having a spinal injury. They will patch you up, save your life and do some intensive physio…Read More

"We need your ideas & suggestions, to help TERENCE D. BURCH get the medical attention from the NHS "

"Help is so desperately needed for both TERENCE and ANGELA. The NHS still keeps them waiting for the medical treatment they urgently need." "It appears as if NO ONE IS LISTENING ... What can we do next ... ? "Does anyone have any contacts high up that can…Read More

Friday update - just when you nothing can get worse

Just finished writing my weekly update to hubby's rehab and orthopaedic specialists. This week has seen a further deterioration in his condition, he is getting numbness in his two functioning fingers on his right hand, and back spasms that send his back…Read More

Many Thanks

Many people have joined our cause in the past two weeks, can I please thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Angela &Terence

Whew we survived another weekend

Terence and I hate weekends as we feel particularly vulnerable then, no one to ask for help or even discuss things medical with. Very uncomfortable feeling as well not totally trusting the local profession because of their lack of knowledge of TDB's…Read More
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