Inviting Is Important (I.I.I.)

Inviting Is Important! The more people we have supporting this cause, the farther we can go with encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs, and how to help prevent ways from causing more dogs to end in shelters! Joining this cause, is pretty much saving a…Read More

Thank You

Thank you so much for what all you members have done! I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to update it here, but you members kept it going! All Top Recruiters especially deserve a thanks, for helping to recruit! I'm so glad so many people want to…Read More

Help Support Shelter Dogs In Simple Ways

You can help support shelter dogs in one very simple way- Inviting your friends to join this cause! If everyone invited their friends, then their friends invited, then guess how many people would be in this cause? So please invite if you love shelter dogs!

Shooting a defenseless dog is NOT animal control, its animal abuse

There have been many incidents where people have been shooting dogs saying it was considered animal control... Really? I didn't think so. Half of these are police, shooting dogs because they are to busy, and saying that the dog was aggressive and tried to…Read More


Hello, You all are part of a amazing group 'Support Shelter Dogs.' This promotes adopting from shelters, how to adopt the perfect shelter dog, and of course, spaying a neutering your animals. The reason for this? Adopting from shelters is giving a dog a…Read More

Spaying Your Dog

I have already made a few posts like this, but doing extra is not bad! Every time you decide against spaying your dog, your risking to make a dog lose its battle for another chance. Every time you breed your dog, you are making a shelter dog lose its…Read More

Spay your dog!

One main thing I want to get around, is to spay your dog! Spaying your dog, is one step closer, for shelter dogs to get adopted. If everyone spayed their dog, there'd be much less shelter dogs, which means most would be happily living with their new…Read More
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