hello all friends we are soon going to exist with new computer project with one local school,where we will be placing three computer at school and will give training to economically backward student.who may not access to computer education because of their…Read More

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please visit our web site,and you can donate us through Paypal you will get detail on our web site we are coming up with free computer training for students so your donation will be appreciated thank you

free computer training for the 10 student

Hello All friends and supporter, we are feeling glad to let you know about our new project where we are giving free computer training to 10 student who could not able to access it because of there financial state. though,we are proving them a course which…Read More

project's face book page

hello friends and supporter please join our facebook page for more information and get updated with progress of projects thank you!/group.php?gid=126425034040474&ref=ts

web address of project

hello, dear supporter and friends please visit our web site for more information about project and and keep connected with us thank you 00 91 9673369819 00 91 712 3271690

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to make computer training available for those who are not accessing it because of financial reason. please join us to keep in touch with us,to know more about our training and our activity you may help someone to have better life with opportunities. thank…Read More

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we are aiming to make available all training free at cost at our centre for more people will join us more help we get from people and more student will get education here. thank you
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