Spread awareness about the mistreatment of large cats, such as lions, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars and other felines, and strive to end it.

The abuse of big cats isn't a small issue. Around the world, thousand of big cats have been torn away from their natural environment and put into one they are unfamiliar with. Some of them have been born into captivity and don't even know what it's like to run around in the wilderness. Many of these cats have experienced cruel living conditions and violence.
The exotic pet trade is responsible for a majority of this abuse. Private owners buy animals without taking into consideration the needs of these felines. Did you know that 98% of exotic animals die within the first two years of becoming pets? Most of these cats are put in small cages and never receive the type of proper nutrition they need to survive? 18.2 million Americans own exotic pets. Can you imagine how many of these are treated improperly? And if those are just the figures for the United States, how many of these animals are owned around the world?
Another major problem is the usage of these a source of income in third world countries. In the east, tigers are kept in cages and taken out for photo ops with tourists or for circus acts. When they become too violent or when their owners can’t afford to feed them, they’ll be euthanized or released into the wild where they’ll probably die.
These big beautiful animals don’t deserve to live in these horrible conditions. They are dying by the day and we need to stop cruelty against them before it's too late.
The proceeds from this cause go to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. I first came across their videos on YouTube and I learned about their work. The provide relief to animals (mostly victims of the exotic pet trade) and offer tours of the sanctuary, trying to educate people about what these animals go through ((http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=BigCatRescue)).
You can visit their website here: http://www.bigcatrescue.org.
If you're in Florida, I highly recommend you take a day to go visit them.

1. The abuse of lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers, cougars and other felines needs to stop.

2. The public needs to be educated about the atrocities being committed and why it's a bad idea to own a big cat.

3. The exotic pet trade needs to be put to an end to avoid further damage to these delicate animals.

4. The governments of all countries that are hosts to the abuse of these animals need to create and enforce laws against them.

5. Existing big cats need to be provided with sanctuary where they can spend the rest of their lives living like they should.