It's been awhile and I'm ready to push this again

I've sat back and wondered where and why these shirts went,all i received was they were pre-released vip items and didn't fit due to issues while doing actions,sitting etc. I think Zynga has had enough time to correct the problem and I want to get this back…Read More

Hi guys!!

Currently we are at 273 members for this cause but the word isn't spreading fast enough its going to take a large impact to make a difference so please get to inviting people :D

We are gaining members :D

To all that has joined the group thanks..... we are currently at 197 members, please invite more people the more people the more likely it will be noticed and the devs on facebook will see it!! Best Regards, Jeff aka Teach

Thanks guys :)

So far we're at 66 members I want to show yoville we mean business,these shirts were released for all of like 20 mins, just to be removed b/c of a small glitch that could've been fixed ages ago!! I feel with many people supporting such a cause will get them…Read More
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