To Stop Animal Cruelty In Its Tracks

I am currently doing research for my very first book dealing with this subject, I am a member of countless animal welfare and protection groups, I am trying to bring to the public's attention just how much animals are suffering, tortured, beaten, and often killed because alot of people out there simply do not care enough to stop and think about what they are doing is wrong, and it should be stopped, because the animals are crying out for help. The animals' lives are at stake. So, my friends, won't you please help me and join the fight to stop animal cruelty in its tracks?

1. Animals have rights and feelings, too!

2. The animals do not deserve this kind of treatment!

3. They are are God's creations!

4. As they share the same planet that us humans live on, we should love and respect them as well!

5. If anyone has any questions, you may contact me at the email address given below.