Tell World Leaders to End the Female Gendercide in India

As a past victim of sexual assault during my service in the United States Air Force, I have started a campaign called A Black Rose: Campaign for Awareness. Our focus is to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, stalking, etc. faced…Read More

Think of your sister,mother,friend, or wifebeing rape and no one helping them

This is why the call for awareness is so important. I just want you to remember that each one of this women where serving our country, and are some ones family member. I was rape and I I'm a mother and a friend and sister, and I will never want this to happen…Read More

Let us Stop Rape in the Military

If you have a sister, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife, or a mother that served or is thinking of serving in the military, then you should speak up,so we can make changes to the military boys club mentality. Every person that serve our country deserve our…Read More

Help Me raise Awarenes for Rape in the Military

As a member of the Military I was rape while serving our country. One of every 3 women in the military will suffer abuse, rape or sexual harassment. Nobody deserve this but especially think that all this women have volunteer to serve. They did not volunteer…Read More

Support Awarenes for Rape in the Military

No one that is serving their country should be fighting against the enemy and their peers. My Name is Olga I'm the creator of A movement to raise awareness to raise awareness for this horrible issue: every year, thousands of women fighting for…Read More

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