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Phone discussion with Mrs Lidia

I spoke on the phone with Mrs. Lidia who is very disturbed by the harassment people caused her in the last weeks. She is dissapointed that people don't respect the values and don't have a clue how much efforts means running a shelter.
She asked me "not to give up on her dogs" as she badly need our help.

Mrs Lidia is grateful to volunteer Anja Stein for visiting and donating her 400 RON.
Unless Mrs. Lidia will ask me specifically to stop supporting her, I see no reason why ROLDA wouldn't lend a helpful hand.
I know the situations are terrible in most of Romanian shelters and Mrs Lidia is old and not so energetic to fight against all the attacks and evil comments. I am impressed on how greatly she built a nice,cozy shelter where dogs are more protected than vander on the streets and from where really passionate animal lovers from Romania could come and adopt!

700 USD donated from various supporters and ROLDA will be sent to Mrs Lidia as well as blankets, flea spot on, others donated items (thank you Katie for the parcel adressed to Fiducia dogs!)

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