Provide food,veterinary care and decent conditions to shelter dogs at Fiducia in Romania.

Fiducia(=Trust) is the name of a local foundation registered in Reghin , Mures county by Lidia Maier(now 74 years old) and a group of 32 other founders, which passing years, they gave up helping one by one. Presently there are still 4 dedicated members to save and help the homeless animals at Fiducia.
Lidia put the latest 13-14 years of her life to build and keep Fiducia alive. Every day. Rescue homeless animals is not her work, isn't what makes her ego feel better....rescue animals is her a way to live a fullfilled life!

If you want to help the Fiducia shelter for basic costs: direct cost for dogs food and sterilizations, please use these details:

Account name: Fiducia Foundation
IBAN: RO 42 BRDE 270 SV1688 046 2700
Bank name: BRD GSG
Bank address: Reghin Romania

or ROLDA bank details :
Account name:ROLDA
Account no/IBAN:RO26 BPOS 1800 6199553 EUR01
Bank name:BancPost
Bank address:Movilei Street 2-4 Galati Romania

PayPal account(please copy/paste in your browser):

with specification "for Fiducia shelter".
Thank you so much in their names!

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst.

2. Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

3. Freedom from fear and distress.

4. Sterilization= no more puppies to suffer

5. Rehome.Stop animal abuses!