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Spread the Word- Organ Donation Saves Lives!!

Let's take a pledge together to spread the word for organ donation. There are millions of people in need. Lives can be saved if we take time to educate and support others on how important organ donation is.
There are so may peope in dire need of an organ that some just don't make it because they were to far on transplant wait list. Many people don't realize that that living organ donors can save so many lives not only for that one person but also by letting others moving up on the transplant. Not only can living organ donors donate kidney's but they can donate part of pancreas, liver and lobes of lung to name a few.
It breaks my heart to see so may people in such need for an organ and there are so may people out there that can help if there are given the education and resources to know what to do about finding out more information.
Feel free to post updates on your stories, experiences, etc. We all need to do what we can for this cause.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all of your support!!
Debbie Heimlich Heffley


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