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Important for this Cause!!

Hi there Alan,
My name's Samantha, I'm currently based in London and I'm running an online campaign for the Alzheimer's Research Trust here in the UK. My Grandmother, who has had alzheimer's and dementia for the past 7years, was my inspiration in trying to raise awareness of this disease in the younger community. I hope that you could help me in this awareness campaign and send a message to your cause members about this campaign I have started on the site I'm working for. If there are enough people in the campaign, my boss has agreed to donate a sum to the trust for research against dementia and alzheimer's. Please do spread the word around. Here is the link to the site:

All anybody has to do is to upload a picture of themself to show that people afflicted with dementia and people around them are never alone. Its very simple. Thank you!

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