Fundraising Ideas....What Would You Do?

If you had the opportunity to come up with an idea for fundraising for TSF, what would you think would be a really good event for this purpose? Or you could tell us what sort of fundraising event you would like to take part in. We like to hear our member's…Read More

New TSF Group

Hi everyone, just to let you know that we have now created a new group page, as some of the functions on the old page wouldn't work. If you were, or would like to be a member of TSF group, please visit this link to join the new group.…Read More

Good Morning!

Hi everyone, all of us at TSF wish you a good day. Please don't forget to visit the TSF group page and re-join. We really need your help and support to help us pathe the way to success in all we do. Don't…Read More

Sustainable Fisheries Programme (SFP)

Hi everyone, Each day I will be posting news and short updates on TSF and its projects in Ghana. Today's project is the Sustainable Fisheries Programme (SFP). With a £3m budget, SFP is currently in the planning stages while we are seeking a suitable NGO to…Read More

Future Forests Programme

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good day. My village found itself in the midst of a bizzard yesterday, so we are now cut off with all our roads closed because of the snow. Luckily, my internet has been restored, so I can now post the daily update. Today,…Read More

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Good evening all, I've posted some jobs on the group page under discussions, most are for part time volunteers however we are now looking for the full time self employed International Fundraisers so if your interested please either contact Jonathan or…Read More

Hey guys we did it!!!!! :D

Hey guys just to let you all know that we have today enlisted our 100th supporter! I say we but perhaps it should be more a case of you because without you guys supporting what Jonathan and I are doing our impact would be minimal. Please take this…Read More
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