we need only one thousand us dollars to help this woman

My neighbor has a lady-help,this woman is sick,she has a sore throat,we call this illness in French GOITRE,it's an inflammation of throat.The boss of this woman sent her out,he don't want to hear anything about her illness,she leaves alone with six children.she came in my house last week and explained me this situation,i tried to meet my neighbor,he didn't want to hear ,he said me that this woman is not again his employee he can't take care of her illness.I took this woman at hospital,I paid the bill,after the doctor said we have urgently a surgical operation next week,except that she will die.The operation needs 4000 us dollars,I call now my friends,my best friends,to make something, to help this woman, she's suffering and when you see her children,you only want to cry ,they're pitiful and sad,they only have their mother ,please friends hear to me,I can't leave this woman alone,i can't see this woman die in my hands,I just ask to my friends to
contribute 1000 us dollars,50 dollars per person we can make a good operation,the rest is concerning me.One more time please do something friends,I know that you're generous and sensitive,please put hand in your heart and try to do something.
Sincerely yours

1. We have only two weeks to save this woman

2. she's poor and she has six children

3. there are many camerounians who died because they were poor,absence of social and financial assistance

4. my phone number is 237 96 86 01 23,for any informations contact me please [email protected]

5. please just two weeks to bring hope in this poor family