Learn the lessons of and bring and end to Disability Hate Crime

We are raising awareness on disability hate crime. It is a social ill that needs to be corrected and cured.

We are doing this by working in the community and with organisations that we have come into contact with.

We are fighting to avoid a massive inequality gap. If we do not put an end to disability hate crime and learn the lessons, the gap will become corrosive.

Remember the names of those who have died. Remember the hopes and aspirations that have gone undreamt. Remember Fiona Pilkington, David Askew, Rikki Judkins, Christina Lakinski, Steven Hoskin, Raymond Atherton, Barrie-John Horrel, Kevin Davies and Christopher Faulkes.

We are running a Disability Hate Crime conference on the 14th September 2010. For more information, visit:


1. Bring and end to Disability Hate Crime

2. Learn the lessons of Disability Hate Crime

3. Disability Hate Crime Conference - 14th September 2010

4. http://www.gallant2000.com/disabilityhatecrime