Transplant called OFF!!!

Ok-- so alot has happened in the past 6 months with Kait-- She has had more ACG treatments and bone marrow biopsies-- However here is the jist of it all-- Kait had her last bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday two weeks ago and underwent all testing necessary for…Read More

Bone Marrow Biopsy Today

Kait will have her third(?) biopsy today to see if her treatments that she has been receiving are doing anything at all. She had her labs drawn yesterday and her hemoglobin was actually up which was really encouraging however her white count was down to 2 and…Read More

Kaitlynn's Benefit

Kaitlynn's benefit auction will be THIS SATURDAY in Independence KS at the old Food 4 Less building. There will be kids activites starting at 4:00 and then the silent auction and food will be at 6:00 and the live auction will be at 7:30. It's gonna be great.…Read More

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Kaitlynn has survived her first of treatment. She is on her way home with her parents after being in the hospital for 10 days. We are so proud of her! The nurses were very impressed as well with how well she did with her treatments. They should be home to…Read More

Kaitlynn's treatment

Kait's immune suppressant treatments started this week. On Tuesday Kait received platelets and Wednesday a double port was placed and her meds started. She had a reaction with her first dose which included her temperature spiking to 103.8 and nausea and…Read More


Hi all- sorry for the lack of updating this past week. Kaitlynn has had a big week this week with some not so good news. On Thursday 7/1/2010 Kaitlynn had more lab work drawn and Shayla and Jenna her sisters were tested to see if they were possibly a match…Read More

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Thanks to all who have joined--- keep spreading the word!! As I am typing Kaitlynn is enduring her second blood transfusion and will have to do so weekly if not more often until she has her bone marrow transplant. She is an extremely active little girl who…Read More
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