We Need To Start Recruiting For 2014

I know everybody is in a state of election fatigue, but if there is one thing I'm learning better everyday is that if you fail to plan for the next election now, you are planning to fail in the next election. The amendment process is not easy, and for good…Read More


Congratulations Folks, We just hit 1800 members. Keep on inviting and lets start talking to Congressional candidates about getting on board. If you talk to any of your candidates, please ask them to support the repeal and get it on video if you can. We need…Read More

Congressional Pledge

To My Fellow Cause Members, We now have a ready to print "Repeal The 17th Amendment Congressional Pledge" available. If you would like to have a copy sent to you, please send an E-mail request to: [email protected] and I will get the…Read More


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