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Sweetleaf now giving away free medical marijuana to low income cancer patients!

We are expanding and opening our doors to low income cancer patients and we need help spreading the word. If you are able to, please forward our press release to all of your local newspapers and TV stations.

Here is our press release:



San Francisco, California, June 15th, 2011

The Sweetleaf Collective provides free medical marijuana to low income AIDS patients in the Bay Area. With recent expansion, SC is now able to offer services to low income cancer patients. As one of the first donation based charity projects in the medical marijuana industry, they are an example of how the industry can take care of those most in need without government support.

Founded in 1996 after the landmark passage of Proposition 215, the law that legalized medical marijuana, SC has been on the forefront of providing free medicine to terminally ill patients. Acting as the link, between compassionate cannabis growers and those most in need, is an important and integral role that SC plays in the medical marijuana industry. By providing this link, SC is helping set the industry standard for compassion.

Medical marijuana is the most beneficial to People suffering from AIDS and cancer. With AIDS patients, it helps with wasting syndrome by being an appetite stimulant. With cancer, it dramatically decreases the nausea that accompanies chemotherapy treatments. Marijuana extends and in some cases saves lives.

Over the past year, SC has received an increase in medicinal and monetary donations. This increase of community support has enabled Sweetleaf to expand their services to low income cancer patients. Focusing specifically on helping low income terminally ill patients, SC helps those most in need. Most member patients are unable to afford medical marijuana, so they rely on SC to obtain this medicine.

As an exclusively donation based and volunteer organized charity project, SC is now expanding to include cancer patients. Volunteers act as the link between medical marijuana growers and low income patients. These patients are in acute need of marijuana's medical benefits, but often lack adequate access due to low income and physical mobility limitations.

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Chad Johnston
The Sweetleaf Collective
(707) 301-0008 cell or (415) 273-4663 voicemail
[email protected]

If you would like more information about this project, please contact Chad Johnston at (707) 301-0008 or at [email protected]

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