Stop senseless violence against animals .

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Hey there members of Pit to Peep United!

This is Brian Cottrill and I would like to inform you that i have been working really hard on the web sites as of lately. Soon, my grandmother is going to go through an extensive surgery and i will be going through persona trials taking care of her. Thank you…Read More

Scarface's Health

Jul 29, 2010 11:15pm To whom it may concern... My Scarface is not doing ok. He woke up this morning with a small tumor like sis under his chin and it now has grown to bigger than a grapefruit. I'm scared. I cant lose my boy. He went into the vet today and had…Read More

I think it is time to help that one Man who strives so hard to make change.

Go to and learn more of what i mean. Remember, the plan is set in my head and heart. For the last ten months i have taught myself web design. I work very hard for this and a lot of stresses will be lifted if you become a Star! Thank…Read More

This is the website that explains it all. It will explain what we are doing to make a change...not just A change...a revolution. I would also at this time ask that you go to the Pit Bull to People Relations Movement ACT # 1 "Official Community Page" here on…Read More

How involved are you?

Hey there advocates of the cause Pit Bull to People Relations Movement! I would love to tell you "THANK YOU" for joining this cause! This is Brian Cottrill founder of Pit to Peep United Altering Org. I need to ask you if you could be involved a little bit…Read More

Excuse me. It was late. Team S.T.O.P. is not what i said.

Team S.T.O.P. is Service Train Organize and Protect - lol not community, dogs, cause, and purpose. It's Protect the community, dogs, cause , and "Movement." Sorry about the confusion. By the way. Have you looked at the site for new information lately. Can…Read More
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