Constituting Committees to combat Sexual Harassment at the Workplace!

In response to a petition filed by a faculty from the National institute of Design (NID), the Gujarat High Court questions NID if it has constituted a committee to deal with Sexual Harassment, as per the Supreme Court guidelines. Read More on…Read More

The Endless BATTLE against Sexual Abuse:

Survivors of sexual violence in Indonesia face an uphill battle in recovery as a result of an inadequate legal system, police inaction and prevailing societal attitudes that tend to be suspicious of victims... Read More on…Read More

Mobile application to Fight Back sexual harassment

Now mobiles have an application to fight sexual harassment! Known as Fight Back, the app created by Indian non-profit Whypoll, will enable women to alert her friends or relatives at the press of a button. Once the alarm is raised, an SOS message is texted,…Read More

Normal vs size zero?

Fashion statements come and go...and then come back a few years later. Leading ladies (at least in India) gain and lose weight (thanks to their metabolism)...and only to gain for those 'special roles'. Thanks to Vidya Balan and her portrayal of Silk Smitha…Read More

Only one public toilet for 1.4 lakh women in Haryana

From Skewed sex ratio to poor basic amenities for women.. Who is responsible?

Is India being outdone by other emerging nations of the world when it comes to gender parity within education and politics?

India reports worst Child Sex Ratio since Independence

The provisional census figures released in India shows a dramatic drop in the child sex ratio. The ratio of girls in comparison to boys is reducing. Last year even cities like Calcutta and Goa reported a high percentage of female foeticide. Sex determination…Read More
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