thanks for ur vote!!

We are now 10,045 members in this cause, thanks for ur support, continue inviting to all of ur FB friends this cause, and we hope the Social City adminstrators listen to us!!! We want to send more than 24 gifts per day!!

Social City Neighbors

Hello! We are now 8,206 members suppoirting this cause and we want more, help this cause inviting your neighbors, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. We need more votes and we hope that the Game Administrators listen to us. Vote and be part of this…Read More

Join in this cause Social City neighbors

Thanks for support this cause, I think that is very important to be able to send more than 24 gifts per day to all our neighbors, it's necesary to grow your city to have neighbors, but what about to send them every day gifts? Please, join to this cause and…Read More


I really appreciate that you joined to our cause: HELP US TO REQUEST TO SOCIAL CITY TO LET US SEND MORE THAN 24 GIFTS PER DAY. Remember to invite friends and continue enjoying this game, Now I want another District, don't you?

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Please If u like to play SOCIAL CITY and have a lot of neighbors, I think u want to send them gifts!! But, is correct that u can send only 24 gifts per day? NOOO!! If u have 50 neighbors u should send 50 gifts!!! We need ur vote!! and maybe the application…Read More
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