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How you can help !

O'siyo O'ganali'i, ~ Hello My Friend's, I am praying that you all are safe and well. Many of you as member's are probably wondering how you can help my cause? I'm not ready to start accepting monetary donations yet. Not until I know when the Healing Journey is going to actually be able to begin. In the mean time if you want to help you can always be my/our voice for this noble cause by going to either schools or reservations speaking on the dangers of drug, violence, alcohol, bullying, and so on. The folks are usually compliant with people who are willing to help their young people. This is only a request and would be a great way to get the word out and start to help save lives. There is plenty of info on the web where you can find things to talk about. Write a speach or speak from your heart. Both will help get the message out that a life is a terrible thing to waste and the peple who is affected by their loss or so long. So if you can and want to help, this is one way we can get it going and let everyone know we will be traveling across the U.S. before long for the Healing Journey.
Wado ~ Thank you, Steven ~~!~~


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