How you can help !

O'siyo O'ganali'i, ~ Hello My Friend's, I am praying that you all are safe and well. Many of you as member's are probably wondering how you can help my cause? I'm not ready to start accepting monetary donations yet. Not until I know when the Healing Journey…Read More

Moving Forward !

Hello everyone, I hope and pray you all are safe and well. My life is now moving forward, slowly but surely. As you know I was involved in an auto-accident. It's been 4-1/2 years and the ball is starting to roll. I should know something by the end of the…Read More

Funding the Healing Journey?

Hello all, thank you all for joining this cause which was only a dream on June 19th of this year. I have always had a hard time asking for anything, being self-sufficient all my life. Since the head-on collision with a drunk I haven't been able to work and…Read More

Our young people.....

Today I am giving a presentation on suicide to middle aged school kids, at their request. Child abuse was their 2nd choice, there has to be a stopping point and our young people are opening the doors! Is there hope? Only if other doors open by following this…Read More

Veteran's Day

November 11th is Veteran's Day, I begin my presentations by thanking our Ancestors, may they rest in peace, for teaching us the values of our culture and heritage, I then thank our men and women at war, and for their families who are left behind waiting for…Read More

I was told....

Practice what I preach, so here goes, I'm sorry for all the things that I did after my son's suicide, I was not thinking straight, and there probably were some people's feelings I hurt along the way. I was reminded that I probably did not remember some things…Read More

The Process of donating, some have been asking.

There are a couple different ways, the easiest way is to send it directly to me and I will deposit it into the account I've opened for the cause at Skagit State Bank. You may send a money order, cashiers check, personal checks, or $$ wrapped in a piece of…Read More
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