Must See !

Here it from the People who are living it.

Amazing Grace Raw. LOL

My low budget bedroom studio version.


Amazing Grace in Cherokee/Tsalagi.

Donations will not be needed.

Instead of sending a donation use that money to fund yourself. Plan on going out and speaking or sponsoring someone to speak on the evils that cause people want to end their lives. The only reason I was going to need donations was for the cost of traveling…Read More

Working together ~ Ga-du-gi

Hello everyone, I apologize for taking so long to return but I some how got blocked from my own cause? I've been trying and trying to unblock it with no success. But when I came on today to try again there was the option to unblock? I'm still trying to…Read More

How you can help !

O'siyo O'ganali'i, ~ Hello My Friend's, I am praying that you all are safe and well. Many of you as member's are probably wondering how you can help my cause? I'm not ready to start accepting monetary donations yet. Not until I know when the Healing Journey…Read More

Moving Forward !

Hello everyone, I hope and pray you all are safe and well. My life is now moving forward, slowly but surely. As you know I was involved in an auto-accident. It's been 4-1/2 years and the ball is starting to roll. I should know something by the end of the…Read More
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