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Funding the Healing Journey?

Hello all, thank you all for joining this cause which was only a dream on June 19th of this year.
I have always had a hard time asking for anything, being self-sufficient all my life. Since the head-on collision with a drunk I haven't been able to work and the doctor's say I will never work again. Such is life, there's not much I can do about that but make the best of it.
I apologize for not writing for so long, I thank our Creator for Barbara helping me out. She has been a great help to me.
Since I am no longer able to work I've had to apply to disability. Which as most of you probably know isn't much. So, I am forced to ask for help in funding the Healing Journey. I am going to look into making our cause a non-profit organization so people will be able to write it off on their taxes. The gov't allows you togive one gift a year without taxation in the U.S. I will also be able to add a donate button to the cause page which will help tremendously. With as many members that we have if everyone could afford $5.00 ( a price of a latte) it would be enough to fund the Healing Journey. If you want to wait until I get the donate button on the cause page, I understand. For those who would like to donate now I still have the saving account at Skagit State Bank in Sedro Woolley Wa. for the cause. I realize I haven't made it easy to donate, so my job now is to make it easier. I've spent, in all around ten thousand dollars on supplies that will be needed, included is the $2500.00 I paid for the 50 student flutes that the spirit moved me to have made since there is healing in music. I know this first hand.
The Master Native American Flute maker and World reknown recording artist Charles Littleleaf is making the flutes which would easily go for $169.00 on ebay and are of the finest quality to be handed down through the generations. Charles only charged me $50.00 each, but it still put a dent in my savings. Then I bought a PA system to speak over and entertain people with my flute's. I bought the Healing drum that I believe will be imperative to the Journey as we sit down after lunch and sing songs on the Healing drum. I would like to visit as many Reservations as possible, or as funds will allow.
I am undertaking this mission by Creator's guidance, in other words, I am doing the wok of the Creator. It is our Creator that spearheaded this cause and if I have to sell everything I own, I still wouldn't have enough since I am a "have not" as our society puts it so eloquently, but I figure what I have to sell would get me part of the way. If I can save one person from commiting suicide, our Healing Journey would have been worth it. These kid's don't have a future, or at least that is what our mainstream America would like to think.
I am going to have a Suicide wall (board) with the names of the people of each tribe who has commited suicide in 2010 alone and when I get to the East coast I am going to make sure the President takes a look at it, whether on the news or if possible in person to explain to him that while we are giving billions to other countries and run to their aid when we have a crisis right here in the U.S. (How about alittle help Mr. President.) He made promises that he has not kept in the first two years in office?
Again, I thank you all for participating in this cause, for those who would and can donate now . My address is ;
Steven E. Harp
24351 McKendree ln.
Sedro Woolley, Wa. 98284-5034
Phone#. 1 360 941 5651
I will directly take your donations and deposit them into the savings account I have established for the cause. Thank you, Steven.


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