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The Process of donating, some have been asking.

There are a couple different ways, the easiest way is to send it directly to me and I will deposit it into the account I've opened for the cause at Skagit State Bank. You may send a money order, cashiers check, personal checks, or $$ wrapped in a piece of paper or in a private evelope that you cannot see through. 100% of your donations will go toward the Healing Journey, guaranteed. The other way to do it is by going by or phoning your bank, tell them how much you would like to donate and give them my email address [email protected] and I will in turn send them the Healing Journeys' account number and then they can electronically transfer the funds from your account to the Healing Journeys. That way it never touches my hands until something is needed , like the other twenty-five flutes I was counting on donations to pay for. I figured if I paid for the first half, my family would stand beside me. I have sent Charles a message telling him that the flutes will be paid for this month even if I have to use my disability check to do it. "You are only as good as your word." Anyway, that's besides the point. I knew what I was doing when I ordered them, so I am responcible for them. If you would like to donate anything, leather goods, beads, basically anything I can use for Native American craft supplies, when giving think about the quality of the items you are giving. I want these crafts to last these young people long enough to pass down through the generations. Wado (Thank you)
Address for donations:
Steven E. Harp
24351 McKendree ln.
Sedro Woolley, Wa. 98284
Sincerely, Steven Flying Eagle. Administrator


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