To go across Turtle Island speaking to educate Native youth and adults. Then in the evening I will teach Native crafts to try to keep our Culture alive.

I plan on holding a picnic at the Northwest Indian College in Bellingham Wa. This will be my first speech on the dangers of drugs & alcohol, the importance of a good education, the traditional way to use tobacco and the wrong way, I've lived through all of these and I want to try to make Native peoples know how I broke away from and promoted to my education by getting my G.E.D. in 95' I want to teach my grandmothers lesson the suicide is the only sin Creator will not forgive you for. It was a good lesson, there's been times in my life that I wanted to end it, then I would hear grandmothers words and took another step on my journey through life. These young peoples' lives are at stake unless we stand up and teach them what kind of life they can have with a good education. As long as they are feeling empty inside there will be no hope for them. I am willing to drive across Turtle Island stopping at every tribe or nation that is possible. I will have a list of the worst troubled Reservations that are at their worse. This is my dream, I am asking for all the help I can get, It's going to take a long time and a lot of gas. I am willing to try to raise money locally. With a trust fund set up at Skagit Valley Bank in Burlington, Wa.

1. I believe all life is sacred and is worth saving.

2. Too many Native youth suicide, I want to instill self-determination in the youth.

3. My major goal is to save as many lives as possible. The suicide rate among Native youth is way to high.