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Save a Child's Life: Ban Psychiatry and its School Shooting Drugs

Today we are greeted with news of yet another school shooting. Guns, like knives or any weapons are inanimate objects.
To understand why anyone would perform such harmful acts one has to look at psychiatric drugs. Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing, but with mind altering drugs they can. Psychiatric Medication with "side effects" (actually MAIN effects) such as "aggressive behavior" and "suicidal tendencies" work by ALTERING a person's mental state.
All too often Psychiatrists have been looked upon as "experts" yet in reality they are drug pushers and one for one at the bottom of EVERY mass shooting are psychiatric drugs taken by the killer.
Wake up, people. Stop being reasonable with these criminal drug pushers. They know nothing about the mind, and if anything could be accused of a sinister plot to create killers out of ordinary people.
Stop believing these people are "experts" and realize they are lining their pockets on the deaths of our children.

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